Pippeta Breast Milk Storage Bags 200ml - 30 Pieces

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Leak-proof, seal bags suitable for storing in the fridge or freezer. Pre-sterilised. BPA free. Up to 200ml of breast milk.


  • Pre-sterilised breast milk storage bags are specifically designed to store expressed breast milk in the fridge or freezer.
  • Each storage bag is sterile until opened. Please note that the gradients on the storage bag are a guide only.
  • For accurate measurements, use a feeding bottle. Each storage bag has an area for you to clearly record the date and time the milk was expressed.


  • Stored breast milk may separate into layers. Swirl storage bag gently to thoroughly mix breast milk prior to offering to your baby.
  • Refrigerated up to 4ºC/32-39ºF : Optimal storage 3 days / Maximum 5 days.
  • Frozen: Optimal storage 4 months/maximum 6 months.


  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse well before handling the storage bags.
  • Cut along the dotted line at the top of the storage bag and gently pull both sides apart to open. Dispose of the excess plastic safely, this can cause choking.
  • Pour the freshly expressed breast milk carefully into the storage bag. Do not fill the bag beyond the 200ml mark.
  • Carefully expel as much air from the storage bag as possible and tightly close the seal. This will allow the breast milk to expand if freezing.
  • Place the storage bag in the fridge or freezer.
  • If freezing, for best results, keep the storage bag upright until breast milk is frozen.
  • To use, open double seal and carefully pour into a sterilised feeding bottle.


Place the storage bag of breast milk in your fridge overnight. To defrost prior to feeding, place storage bag in warm water.


  • 30 storage bags


Capacity   200ml per storage bag


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